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Flatiron School Day Sixteen - the Pareto Principal

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The Pareto principal is also known as the ‘80/20’ rule. It’s a rule I’ve heard and seen in various academic endeavours and in business as well. Yesterday was the first time I really looked at it with regard to coding. Avi mentioned during the day that 80% of the work on a project comes in the last 20% of the project and that got me thinking about my work and if the principal applies.

It turns out after looking at my ‘to do’ list for Flatiron that the only things I have unfinished stand about 80% done. Some are a little further along, some less; but the overwhelming majority of my unfinished work falls right around ‘almost done.’ It always seems to be that one method I can’t get to function correctly, or the one or two tests I just can’t seem to get to pass that are holding up some of my work from being completed.

So I’ve decided I’m going to stop caring about pace. I’m not going to find it odd or frustrating anymore when I rush through 80% of a project only to find myself stuck in the mud at the end. I’m just going to push through it, knowing that it’s completely normal and not something that’s going to change.